Common misconceptions about Landover Baptist Church (LBC)

These are some of the most common misconceptions I see on the web regarding the Landover Baptist Church (LBC). As a True Christian, I find them profoundly infuriating.

“Some users don’t realise that LBC is a work of satire”

False. Everyone is vetted before attaining the rank of True Christian. It’s safe to assume that anyone with more than about a hundred posts is in on the joke.

“LBC is a just a parody of fundamentalist Christianity and right-wing extremism”

False. At least 90% of True Christians are devout anti-theists. We actively hate religion. The aim of LBC is to demonstrate the stupidity of all religion. Many of the best posts lampoon belief in any kind of supernatural deity.

“LBC twists scripture by misquoting, misinterpreting or taking it out of context”

False. In fact, the opposite is true. Many of the views found on LBC are supported by what the Bible actually says. It’s much easier for progressive Christians (usually those who have never even read the Bible) to dismiss LBC as an out-of-context hate machine than to accept what’s actually in their holy book. The Bible is a hateful and intolerant piece of literature. This is a book that advocates the execution of gays, “witches” and disobedient children. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that these Old Testament laws are void. One of the core aims of LBC is to show the Bible as it is rather than through the cuddly rainbow lens of acceptance and peace.


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